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Service Cloud

Service Cloud increases customer satisfaction and reduces costs, by providing effective customer service on every channel.

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is the world's leading CRM application, designed to increase efficiency of your sales department.

Platform Cloud

Platform Cloud is a single, secure, and scalable platform which Salesforce applications are built on, and allowing businesses to build and deploy their own applications.

Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud helps you to deliver connected experiences to communities, vendors, or partners.

Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud enables companies to create personalised and intelligent buying experiences across multiple devices.

Analytics Cloud

Analytics Cloud gives everyone in your company analytics built for the way they work.


Connect everyone to everything with a cloud-native, unified, open, intelligent platform.

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Consumer Goods Cloud

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud helps CPG companies combine trade planning, retail execution, field sales and customer interactions on one platform.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud offers automated, multi-channel marketing: the right marketing message at the right time via the right channel.

Manufacturing Cloud

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud is a specialized solution for manufacturing companies, offering tools to streamline operations, optimize the supply chain, and gain insights into production processes.

Netzero Cloud

Net Zero Cloud is a sustainability management platform designed to help organizations manage their environmental footprint and track their progress to net zero.

Nonprofit Cloud

Built for the unique challenges of NPOs, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud combines fundraising intelligence, personalized engagement strategies, and efficient program and grant management on a single platform.

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“We got the support and expertise that we needed, when we needed it. We had limited resources for this project, but they helped us fine-tune our strategy and worked flexibly to meet our needs.”
Ueli Rusch
Contact the best Salesforce Partner
Contact the best Salesforce Partner
“Collaborating with Cynqed to deliver on a Salesforce project for our client was not only successful but it was also an exciting experience, a fun hybrid customer focused project team that worked from various locations, delivery to timeline and budget, working flexibly on common strategic objectives.”
Peter Osazuwa
Hyper Secure IT did contact the best Salesforce Partner

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What are tokens?

  • Tokens are our support currency and the key to efficient and cost-effective support.
  • Our token system ensures you get the help you need at a predictable price, regardless of who’s handling your request.
  • We provide a transparent pricing structure based on task complexity, not seniority.
  • Easily track your token usage within the help desk portal for full visibility into your support costs.

Important Note: The minimum token amount per ticket is 100.

Get Predictable Support Costs

Estimated token costs for common ticket types



Update 5 users with new configuration of access rights (permission sets, profile or public group) and update “City” on a user record


Add 5 new fields to a report and modify 2 filtering criteria


Develop automation to update the case whenever a certain condition is met and trigger notification


Updated Apex class and LWC to present data in a table like format


“My automation is breaking – I don’t know what is happening”, support agent work: Investigation or issue, correction of a SF flow, documentation of changes, presentation to a user


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