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The 1% Pledge offers businesses an easier way to support nonprofits in the community. Cynqed has committed to this pledge; by giving 1% of our working hours, we are using small efforts to help others make a big impact in tomorrow’s society. Let’s take a look at the 1% Pledge and how we can help your NGO thrive.

About the 1% Pledge

The 1% Pledge is a global initiative where global companies, no matter the size, can donate 1% of either their equity, time, product, profit or a combination of the four, to charitable causes like NGOs or non-profit organizations. Founded in 2014 by Salesforce and Atlassian, among others, the 1% Pledge is backed up by more than 10,000 companies worldwide, such as Adobe, TripAdvisor and Yahoo.

Why We Pledged

Going the extra mile is glued to Cynqed’s company DNA. This applies to our team, our customers and the community alike. Next to our own business goals and objectives, taking this 1% Pledge is a way for us to give 1% of our time and the drive of our employees to people and organizations who need it most.

Commiting to this 1% Pledge is proof of Cynqed’s aim to link sector know how with philanthropy to establish valuable partnerships across the non-profit industry. Not only does this pledge bring us closer to those who surround our company, but it also unifies those within. As a team, we make 1% mean a whole lot to those who need it.

How We Can Help You

Cynqed has experience in the non-profit sector, and we have helped some of the biggest organizations in the world digitalize their operations onto the Salesforce platform; program management, grant applications, donor management, end-to-end grant management, risk management, fundraising, impact reporting

We believe our experience both in this sector, and in implementing Salesforce, will enable us to come up with a plan to successfully realize your Salesforce ambitions. Whether it’s a proof-of-concept application, or moving the operations of an entire department to the cloud.

How to Submit Your Case

  • Explain us your vision – how can Salesforce help your organization create more impact? Give us a few lines of description on your objective and idea.
  • Send this email to 1percent@cynqed.com
  • We’ll plan a call to discuss your case in more detail, and already give you valuable insights regarding your initiative from the first meeting onwards.
  • Every year, we select up to 2 initiatives, for which we donate our pledged days.
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