How cynqed Strives to Become Salesforce Experts’ Employer of Choice

With the amount of technology related vacancies on the rise, companies face growing difficulties in attracting people. Since the outbreak of the Corona virus 2 years ago and an obligatory increase in home office policies, employees discovered that traditional work regimens, benefits and structures are not always the right fit for them and their private lives. Born during the first wave of this pandemic, cynqed transformed these challenges into opportunities to recruit highly skilled and aspiring Salesforce professionals. We spoke to cynqed’s People Manager, Patrícia Barroca, about the companies’ promise to be the best possible employer for its people and how cynqed strives to become Salesforce experts’ employer of choice.

Patrícia, tell us a little bit more about how this pandemic has benefited cynqed?

“First of all, cynqed was founded during the first lockdown, back in the Spring of 2020. Thinking back at that time, the workforce was significantly disrupted by the obligatory home office restrictions, furlough, permanent layoffs, and so on. Additionally, safety measures -like the closing of brick and mortar stores- to limit contamination and virus spread forced both B2C and B2B businesses to focus more on ecommerce. Those with an existing online commerce were encouraged to extend their platform to meet a growing online demand, and those who previously prioritized in-store sales were forced to consider digital commerce options. Both of these trends paved the way for cynqed: an initially Swiss-based Salesforce implementation service provider that offers these businesses a 360-degree and customizable solution to support their organizations with the power of Salesforce CRM. On the one hand, we were born out of these companies’ need for specialized and experienced Cloud solutions, and on the other, we grew out of a business model that was facilitated by the pandemic, rather than being disrupted by it: 100% remote and a more holistic focus on employee wellbeing.”

How does this approach translate into an Employee Value Proposition and how do you strive to become Salesforce experts’ employer of choice?

“I joined cynqed in the Summer of 2021 as People Manager. The first and most important step was indeed, creating this value proposition. We’re recruiting technology educated IT and consultant profiles; particularly hard profiles to find these days. We had to ask ourselves the question: “What can we offer our people as a fairly young company, in order to stand out in a crowd of tech mastodons?” The answer was simple: love who we have and nurture who´s joining. Once the idea was there, we used our five core values:

  • honesty
  • curiosity
  • leanness
  • valuing people
  • giving back


to translate this value proposition into tangible benefits.”

“People like to be trusted and to have responsibilities, but the lack of a physical office should not stand in the way of team synergy and connectedness.”

Can you give us a few examples of how you offer this value?

We’re committed to provide value for candidates and employees alike using 4 pillars:

Candidate Experience

So much of your image as a company and as an employer starts with the application and recruitment process. We are positive that the quality of this process mirrors the quality of applicants and, eventually, employees. As we first discussed, the highly skilled profiles we’re looking for, are scarce and valuable. Facilitating and honest and transparent recruitment process is a way to show that we respect this value. After all, a candidate that might not be ready for a role right now, could be the perfect fit another time. That’s why transparency and honesty are so important. During the application stage, this means:

  • instant feedback at all stages
  • an onboarding agenda and Q&A before the first day

Employee Experience

As a 100% remote company, providing a positive and engaging employee experience can be a challenge. Especially the connectivity is something to focus on when you’re physically in different time zones. First, there’s the more obvious ways of keeping people connected, such as our weekly global team meetings, Deep Dive sessions and annual gatherings with fun activities, like our Christmas party in Portugal. However, we try to minimize the risks of officeless working through:

  • a buddy and mentor program for everyone (with satisfaction surveys)
  • bimonthly 1-to-1 meetings with HR to stay on top of things and rapidly identify concerns or roadblocks
  • a first month onboarding survey, so we can keep optimizing our onboarding process


And lastly, there’s our initiatives to go the extra mile for employee satisfaction, like offering half a day off on your birthday or closing our ‘offices’ on December 24th so you can prepare your turkey or tofu roast stress-free We’re continually updating these perks based on employee experiences and input, too.


We are a 100% remote company, working closely together while we’re miles apart. Our current teams in Portugal, Greece and Switzerland work from home unless we have a team event of on-site customer project. Next to this remote policy, we do offer flexible working hours. This allows people to better fit their work into their day, instead of having to build their day around the work. Whether it’s following an early morning yoga class, attending a parent-teacher meeting for your children or walking your dog during the day, at cynqed we try our best to make work just another part in someone’s day-to-day life. And we can’t complain when we see the engagement of our teams as a result.

Knowledge Transfer

Sharing knowledge keeps us on top of things and in touch with each other. Particularly this last one is critical when working fully remote. People like to be trusted and to have responsibilities, but the lack of a physical office should not stand in the way of team synergy and connectedness. Every Monday, we share our challenges and best practices in our Deep Diving Sessions. Every Friday, we share our challenges and achievements of the week, mostly followed by discussing everyone’s plans for the weekend ahead. Additionally, everyone has a 24/7 access to a CERT knowledge forum on our internal Sharepoint.

Next to connected learning and group discussions, we pride ourselves in providing paid certification courses and exams to our team. These certifications are an important requirement when customers are looking for a qualitative CRM implementation partner. With a platform that is as dynamic as Salesforce, these certificates ensure our experts keep up with the latest trends.

How would you describe the impact of these perks on employee satisfaction and performance?

The biggest and most important impact I would highlight is our people’s happiness! Happy people = productive people who will stay with us for the long run, which is what we ultimately want. These perks are, in my opinion, a tool to keep our people fulfilled and are dynamic to meet everybody's needs. And that’s how cynqed strives to become Salesforce experts’ employer of choice.

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