Together for Cynqed Diversity: Laura’s Story

Stimulating diversity in the workplace means Cynqed welcomes Salesforce talent from all walks of life. After all, it’s the diversity that makes us better relate to different customers. In this interview, our colleague Laura tells us about combining a Cynqed job with motherhood and making a sudden career change to become a Salesforce Consultant after years in the hospitality and marketing business.

Laura, how has becoming a Salesforce consultant counted as a career switch for you, and how significant was this change?

“I come from an operational background in hospitality and marketing in telecommunications. After more than 10 years in that field, Salesforce showed me a radically different world, from the other side of the counter. Despite all the uncertainties of a new start, knowing that I can always count on the skills and knowledge I gained until now is comforting.”

Why this career change? And what did you need to do in order to make this change happen?

“During the pandemic, while the hospitality industry fell back, I noticed a big increase in companies’ need for digital transformation to keep contact with customers and stay top-of-mind. That’s the reason why I started researching about Salesforce. I started my learning journey by using Trailhead. It certainly was not an easy road, but it’s worth it. I like to compare the process to stretching after a workout; it doesn’t always feel great at first, but that feeling of discomfort is making you grow.”

“Switching career paths is like stretching after a workout; it doesn’t always feel great at first, but that feeling of discomfort is making you grow.”

Why did you choose Cynqed and not a similar company?

“I chose Cynqed because I could definitely see myself growing with this young company. Other than that, the people’s quality and company’s culture were also very important contributing factors to my choice.

A big bonus is that I have 2 small kids, and this has never been an issue while working at Cynqed. As part of the company’s culture, we are encouraged not to overwork and have a flexible schedule for whatever life throws our way. Like this, I feel less stressed, always knowing I can catch up later and still keep up with my deadlines.”

How do you see your role at Cynqed in the future? Are there challenges specific to your situation and if yes, how do you tackle them?

“I can say that are no dull days for sure. I feel that I learn something new every day with every Trailhead module, project, or person I get to interact with.

I’m mesmerized by how vast and complex, yet adaptable Salesforce is. So, the only thing I can do when I tackle challenging situations is to simply “adapt” to it; search for new ideas, accept failure as part of the process and ask for help when needed.”

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